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1. iCarly: iGo to Japan

  • Genres: Comedy, Family
  • Popularity: 6.627
  • Vote Count: 56
  • Rating:
iCarly: iGo to Japan

The crew of the popular tv show iCarly go to Japan.

2. Big Man Japan

  • Genres: Animation, Action, Comedy
  • Popularity: 4.613
  • Vote Count: 33
  • Rating:
Big Man Japan

In this hilarious mockumentary, middle-aged Daisato (Hitoshi Matsumoto) -- a second-rate, third-generation superhero -- annoys his neighbors with the noise and destruction he causes on the job. But a heroic public image is the least of his concerns. Besides defending Japan from bizarre monsters, he must deal with an agent seeking to brand him with ads, a superhero grandfather with Alzheimer's and a family embarrassed by his incompetence.

3. Japan Sinks

  • Genres: Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Science Fiction
  • Popularity: 5.334
  • Vote Count: 11
  • Rating:
Japan Sinks

Japan sinks! Proving once again that Japan will never cease to find inventive ways to destroy itself on screen, this summer's blockbuster Sinking of Japan brings apocalypse through tectonics. Based on Sakyo Komatsu's best-selling novel, Sinking of Japan was first put on the big screen in Moritani Shiro's 1973 classic. In 2006, director Higuchi Shinji remakes the disaster movie, taking the story to

4. JAPAN, Our Homeland

  • Genres: Animation, Drama
  • Popularity: 1.782
  • Vote Count: 2
  • Rating:
JAPAN, Our Homeland

The 31st year of the Showa Era (1956) marked the tenth year since Japan's defeat in World War II. It was when Japan took its first step out of post-war poverty to rejoin the international community. In old downtown Tokyo, a teacher and her students try to pass down Doyo (Japanese traditional children's songs) as the root of Japanese cultural identity to the future generations.

5. Goodbye Japan

  • Genres: Unknown
  • Popularity: 1.165
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:

6. Japan Japan

  • Genres: Drama
  • Popularity: 0.767
  • Vote Count: 4
  • Rating:
Japan Japan

Fresh out of the Israeli army, gay 19-year-old Imri moves to Tel-Aviv, but he's got a bad case of "yellow fever" and dreams of relocating to Japan. When he's not searching for porn, Imri hangs with his friend, works a low-paying job or sleeps around.

7. Maid in Japan

  • Genres: Comedy
  • Popularity: 1.375
  • Vote Count: 1
  • Rating:
Maid in Japan

In fast-paced Tokyo, there are few safe havens for men who are down on their luck… But those in the know, go to THE HOUSE OF MAIDS, a maid cafe whose waitresses will do anything to bring a smile to their customers’ faces. The smoking-hot Azusa Ayano stars in this sexy, comedic romp, that is guaranteed to bring warm feelings to your heart – and perhaps other parts?

8. Japan

  • Genres: Drama, Action, Crime
  • Popularity: 0.626
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:

Code name "Japan" is a contract killer on a job. Accustom to staying in hotels, Japan find himself jet-lagged in the middle of the night and forced to eat in the hotel restaurant, room service been closed. There, he meets a man, Alfred. Alfred was recently evicted from their marital home by his now ex-wife and now lives at the hotel. A loner befriends another loner, and their unexpected friendship leads their faith to a twist and turn ending... The film has completed in 2008, but has yet to be released.

9. Alcatrazz Live In Japan

  • Genres: Music
  • Popularity: 1.34
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:

10. Dark Tales of Japan

  • Genres: Horror, TV Movie
  • Popularity: 1.739
  • Vote Count: 5
  • Rating:
Dark Tales of Japan

Dark Tales of Japan is a collection of five short horror films that are directed by five notable Japanese film directors. Produced by the Tokyo Broadcasting System.

11. Escape from Japan

  • Genres: Drama, Crime, Thriller
  • Popularity: 1.276
  • Vote Count: 3
  • Rating:
Escape from Japan

As Japan is preparing to host the Olympics, a gang member wanting to go to America is sought after by the police after helping his friend conduct a robbery.

12. Wasabi

  • Genres: Drama, Action, Comedy
  • Popularity: 16.76
  • Vote Count: 425
  • Rating:

Hubert is a French policeman with very sharp methods. After being forced to take 2 months off by his boss, who doesn't share his view on working methods, he goes back to Japan, where he used to work 19 years ago, to settle the probate of his girlfriend who left him shortly after marriage without a trace.

13. Seven Nights in Japan

  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Popularity: 1.71
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:
Seven Nights in Japan

Handsome Prince George arrives on board his ship in Japan. Youthful, immaculate in naval uniform and smiling broadly, he goes through the complicated formalities of being greeted by a host nation. But housed with the Ambassador and his family, the Prince finds the atmosphere stuffy and dull; he longs for freedom and, for once, rebels against his upbringing with all its constraints and responsibilities, escaping for a week of romance, and unexpected drama…

14. Bridge of Japan

  • Genres: Romance, Drama
  • Popularity: 1.091
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:
Bridge of Japan

Ichikawa's 1956 adaptation of Nihonbashi was the first to take the work of Kyoka Izumi— until then regarded as a writer of common tragic melodramas—and re-evaluate it as a sanbi-ha work of decadence, aestheticism, and intrigue. Ichikawa's film presents the tragic plot of the young geisha who is unable to enact her love for a man publicly in any way other than a histrionic story of torment, a heart-rending tale of lovers being crushed by fate. Instead Ichikawa shows the contest of wills that transpires as two geisha, Oko (Chikage Awashima) and Kiyoha (Fujiko Yamamoto) fight for the top spot in Nihonbashi, the pinnacle ot the Tokyo geisha world. Nihonbashi is an elegant, if steely, exposition of manners. The young doctor, Shinzo Katsuragi (Ryuji Shinagawa), is the object of affection for both women, but appears to be more the choice reward for the plotting and thieving of these two early modern superwomen, than a lover they swoon over.

15. Buppha Rahtree: A Haunting in Japan

  • Genres: Comedy, Horror
  • Popularity: 2.029
  • Vote Count: 1
  • Rating:
Buppha Rahtree: A Haunting in Japan

A Thai rock band travel to Japan to shoot a new snow-bound music video. Unfortunately, the band discover that the house they have rented for the shoot is haunted by a female ghost. So, they call in an exorcist…

16. Wild Japan

  • Genres: Documentary
  • Popularity: 1.007
  • Vote Count: 2
  • Rating:
Wild Japan

In Japan’s crowded archipelago, there are still places where nature thrives – and Japan has a surprisingly vast range of landscapes, from the far north, where sea eagles walk on frozen seas, to subtropical southern islands, with coral reefs and volcanoes, and the central islands, with forested mountains, home to bears and monkeys. This series explores how life survives across these islands, and how humans and wildlife have found ways to live alongside the forces of nature and embrace them in quintessential ways.

17. Bare-assed Japan

  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Popularity: 0.873
  • Vote Count: 1
  • Rating:
Bare-assed Japan

Taro, who recently graduated from high school, doesn't know what he wants to do. He rents a house and plot of land in the country-side determined to make a living in agriculture. His expectation is great as the girl he likes, Yoko, will also go with him, but his father, recently laid off by his company's down-sizing, is also tagging along and so begins the the trio's strange life in the country. Set at a solitary house in the middle of the desolate, country-side, the relaxed tempo and off-hand humor are impressive despite the themes of parent-progeny conflict and reconciliation that unfold in the film.

18. Psycho Shark

  • Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery
  • Popularity: 1.4
  • Vote Count: 4
  • Rating:
Psycho Shark

Beautiful girls are in danger. At Sunny Beach, a huge shark is waiting for his prey. College students Miki and Mai arrive on a private beach on a tropical island. They can't find the hotel where they booked their reservations, and have gotten hopelessly lost, until a handsome young man shows up, offering to take them to his lodge. But something is not right about the place. The owner's fingernails are tainted with blood and Miki feels something sinister lurking nearby.

19. Japanese Story

  • Genres: Drama, Romance
  • Popularity: 3.844
  • Vote Count: 32
  • Rating:
Japanese Story

Sandy, a geologist, finds herself stuck on a field trip to the Pilbara desert with a Japanese man she finds inscrutable, annoying and decidedly arrogant. Hiromitsu's view of her is not much better. Things go from bad to worse when they become stranded in one of the most remote regions on earth. JAPANESE STORY is a journey of change and discovery.

20. Tokyo Idols

  • Genres: Music, Documentary
  • Popularity: 3.512
  • Vote Count: 13
  • Rating:
Tokyo Idols

This exploration of Japan’s fascination with girl bands and their music follows an aspiring pop singer and her fans, delving into the cultural obsession with young female sexuality and the growing disconnect between men and women in hypermodern societies.